Anna Mia Davidson

After watching the video of Anna describing her travels for almost 10 years it gave me such a new insight into sustainable farming. She ventured to Cuba for many years, living in families homes and learning about their lives and their lifestyles. She found that it was true that Fidel Castro was the center of everything. Fidel was on every channel, but the lives that people lived despite of him was what she found so beautiful and inspiring.

Anna said she found the human form most interesting and that’s what she found to be the most beautiful. She captured this community in every aspect of their life and truly showed how beautiful people can be especially when going along with their day to day lives.39_Cuba1

In order to be welcomed into these peoples lives she had to come in as an honest and true person, especially when she photographed the maternity centers. Their health care she found to be surprisingly accessible and they really cared about the health of their mothers and soon to be mothers because creating a new generation was extremely important. Kolodozero_Myakishev-9

When Anna ventured over to Ukraine she said she found it much more difficult to enter these peoples lives because she didn’t understand their language like when she was in Cuba. In Ukraine she had a translator, which didn’t enable her to interact how she would like and it was showing in her photographs. She decided she would stray away from her translator when she could and on those days she was able to learn more about the people and the farmers like she hadn’t before. Even if they weren’t able to understand each other through words, actions and being around each other was all they needed.6118973_anna-mia-davidson_t56492dd9

Sustainable farming is something Anna really shed light on for me. Her photographs showed the color of the farming and agriculture that I had never seen before. That in combination with these amazing people inspired me. Also, the fact that hers along with other photographers photographs of farmers were put on the walls of major cities like New York and London really brought to attention the need for nature. I believe in what Anna said, that everyone no matter where they are in life, you will always crave nature. I know I do everyday and Anna showed that in her photographs so beautifully.6118973_anna-mia-davidson_t9e25e1cc


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