Edward Burtynsky and Jan Staller

After watching the film with Edward Burtynsky it opened my eyes to the problems in China. He talked about how neighborhoods in China were paid brick by brick to tear apart their communities and their own homes. By doing this most of their beautiful and fertile agriculture was lost. Also, they had a chance to completely rebuild these cities from the ground up, but any communal outdoor space was lost. It’s all buildings, cement and no parks or anything like that at all. portrait_of_edward_burtynsky

His photographs from when he was in China show the incredible amount of work force that China has. Their factories house thousands of people and they practically work non stop. Yes, China leads in the this area of how much they put out, but their footprint that they are leaving on their ecosystem is huge. His photographs are so impactful because they really show how large these factories are and how much is being done.CHNA_MAN_17_05

The beauty of Edward’s photographs as well as the photographs of Jan Staller really stuck with me because as oddly beautiful as the recycled material may be, we forget that these materials, this trash impacts our world negatively. Like the imagine of the women sitting in front of her house next to old computer parts, it’s everywhere, and until we accept the problem and decide as a whole to do something about it, it can only get worse. Edward Burtynsky and Jan Staller really opened my eyes to that.


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