Graciela Iturbide

Graciela Iturbide, the famous Mexican photographer, is someone I personally admire. As much as I enjoy digital photography, film photography has my heart. Her photographs truly speak out and tell a story. The trueness to her photos and how she never uses anything artificial is something I really love. She says that she’s a fast shooter and she shoots what inspires her and what speaks to her.

We watched a portion of when she went to the home of Friday Kahlo and photographed her struggles and how she lived after her accident. She also retook certain pictures to almost attempt to feel the pain Frida felt then. Graciela said she admires her for her creativity and strength through her intense suffering and that she was able to paint through it.

034-Autorretrato-en-el-baño-de-Frida2006-1040x700_c.jpgGraciela shoots in black and white and in the past mostly of people and their stories, such as when she photographed the cholos in Los Angeles and in Tijuana. They were beautiful photos of the lives of these people and what they went through everyday. Seeing people through other peoples photographs and how they tell those individuals story is so beautiful to me, and Graciela really did that well.robert-yager-baby-bed-cash.jpg

Graciela is an inspiration for me. I really want to learn more about her and look through more of her film photography in the hopes to learn some tricks and enjoy searching through a variety of her subjects.tumblr_nwb3kau79s1sinba3o1_1280.jpg


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