Nature Shoot/ Spring Break

The one time I was able to be outside of work I wanted to spend it outside. So I decided to go with a nature photo shoot. The weather had been so nice all week long and wanted to enjoy and capture every minute of it. I started at the beach trying out a long exposure which was pretty fun to try out. I hadn’t done long exposure or used a tripod in a long time and I think I got some cool shots with it. The other photos of the clouds were in my neighborhood after climbing on top of my roof. I focused mainly on the sky just capturing the tops of the houses to get perspective. I think I’m going to continue capturing skyscapes and seeing what I can do different every time.

Food Photoshoot

This is my food photo shoot from last week/weekend. Sandwich from Rubicon in San Diego, a personal favorite (I also have an obsession with sandwiches) and the breakfast, the only meal I can make, at my house. It was pretty interesting trying to figure out how to make this food look pretty. It was hard at times, but it was actually pretty fun. Definitely harder with the homemade because it wasn’t already set up, but definitely a fun experience and I would enjoy working on getting better at food photography.