Penny de Los Santos

After watching Penny’s TED Talk about her food photography what strikes me most is that she not only tells you about the way she photographs food, but she also teaches you about the lives behind the food. Her food photography is much different than some other photographers I have seen. When she photographs food she photographs the people as well. There’s always someone behind the food whether it be the seller, the eater or the cook. There is so much more to her photographs than just food. It tells an intimate story about the people behind it and it’s extremely inspiring.

Penny began to talk about her mom, and the last meal she was able to share and cook for her. She decided not to photograph this moment, because she wanted to live the moment to it’s absolute fullest. Food brings people from different backgrounds, races, genders and much more together. Nothing else out there does that. And sometimes you just have to put the camera away, to live in that moment forever. TastePhotographer-1


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