Whenever I think of food I think of my mom. Yeah I know, everyone’s mom is THE BEST cook, but I’m telling you, my mom wins. Of course there were times when there just wasn’t enough time in the day for my mom to make us a home cooked meal after she got home from the night shift at the hospital, but most of the time her food was made with love let me tell you. She makes every type of cuisine every night of the week and she always made something that us as kids would love. Somehow there was never a meal that my mom cooked that I wouldn’t eat. I remember coming home from practice and running upstairs to change so I could sit down and eat dinner with my family which was always followed by a game night when there was time.

When I think of food I think of family, always. Whenever I am with my immediate and extended family we are surrounded by food and love. So now, food means more to me than just something I forgot to eat because I got too busy, or the granola bar and coffee and snuck in between my college classes. Now I cherish those times when I can go home to my mom’s cooking and be surrounded by the people I love or simply take time out of the day to eat something other than Ramen and go out to eat with my roommates and enjoy ourselves. Food brings people together and it always will for me.


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