Catherine Opie

Photography-As-Documentary-A-Work-With-Catherine-Opie-1A fun, down to earth photographer who simply wants you to feel her photos and not simply see them. She uses her photographs to subdue another type of emotion. When Catherine photographs a portrait, she photographs those people who normally wouldn’t be asked to have their portrait done. She finds something beautiful and out of the ordinary in everyone.

The photographs that should took of Lake Erie really stood out to me. The time she spent putting those photographs together and grouping them so beautifully was amazing. She inspired me to make the time to take photographs at sunrise because those are the times of day that you don’t really get to take in and you don’t see the true beauty of that time. The emotion I felt when looking at those images was exactly what I believe she wanted to portray. Whatever emotion you were currently feeling would be portrayed in her photographs.opie-art-2011-007-somewhere-installation-fall

Photography is a way to escape from reality and Catherine said it perfectly: certain photographs can give you a way out, a place to go when life gets good or bad. This was something that hit me. Photography has the ability to bring out every emotion we have and that in itself is an incredible thing.

Catherine Opie digs into the emotion of her subjects and those who see her photographs. She aims to go back to those roots of raw emotion and you can tell by this short video that she inspires those around her, whether it be directly or indirectly through her work.


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