Chris Orwig/Charles Stagg

Charles Stagg’s bottle sculpture was just as unique as he was and Chris Orwig really portrayed that in his photographs. Chris says that a huge part of photography is being able to tell a persons story in an artistic way. He wasn’t just just taking pictures of his sculpture or just taking pictures of Charles, he was learning his story, understanding his quirks and what his work means to him.

Chris mentioned really useful ways to make you and the person you are photographing feel comfortable in a shoot. Simple things like instead of telling someone to “look to the right” or “look up at the sky”. Instead you give them an object to focus on so they aren’t just staring off into the distance.

Narrative portraits aren’t just about taking pictures either, it’s about learning about the person you are photographing. You can learn so much about eccentric people because they can give you such an insight into their creative process. You can always learn from other people especially as a photographer.

Another thing I really loved that Chris said was that sometimes you need to stray away from perfection and getting everything right. Sometimes photographs can be too perfect and it’s the the irregularities that make photographs more interesting. Embrace the weird the fun and the extraordinary. You never know what you’ll capture.charles-stagg02


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