Annie Leibovitz: Life Through a Lens

Annie Leibovitz is simply incredible; her photos and as a person. The fact that she got herself where she is now by how hard she worked is inspiring. The way she is able to immerse herself into a situation and with a group of people really lets her in their lives and allows her to take the amazing pictures that she does.

One of my favorite parts was how she went on the road with The Rolling Stones. It’s a dream of mine to be able to photograph on the road for a band or concerts in general. It was pretty amazing to see a glimpse into how to get where she was in order to do that. I know that you have to work extremely hard to get into that type of business and she really shows you how hard she worked and how much she believed in herself. That’s what got her where she is.

Also, how she was able to grow with the Rolling Stone magazine was awesome. To be able to grow with a company that gave you so much opportunity and then being asked by even more magazine to photograph for them as well is incredible. It’s something you only dream of being able to do.

Lastly, another shoot of hers that I found extremely compelling was when she went and photographed Sarajevo. Her photographs from this time were so intimate and so strong. She truly captured the heartache and the war that these people had gone through.

Annie Leibovitz really and truly knows how to capture people and exactly who they are, in just a few photographs.

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